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August 19, 2008

Supper and Snacks …

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This will need to be brief as i just spent a bit too long emailing the Raw Divas and sharing a bit of my story. I’ll share more of it here, including parts of my note to them, here soon. Until then, you can check out their blog as I was honored that they quoted my earlier note: The Raw Divas Blog: And the Blendtec Total Blender Goes To…

Now on to supper tonight — I wasn’t really hungry yet, but we insist on a family dinner, and it is hard enough to explain to Nessa (3) why Mommy isn’t eating the same thing she is, so I wasn’t going to not eat when we all sat at the table. It was Megan’s night to cook (she’s 11 and a true gem), and she had everything ready as we all emerged from our respective work places so it was a real treat as well as an early supper. She made a gluten free “hamburger helper” type meal for everyone else as well as having salad and watermelon ready at the table. Usually I would supplement that with green smoothie for everyone but we were crunched for time (hence the helper meal — this has replaced fast food at our house for now). This is one of Nessa’s favorite meals so it’s fun to at least watch her be excited about supper as she’s an extremely picky eater in addition to being on a strict gluten free diet (Celiac). It’s honestly not a meal I miss at all though. 🙂

I had zuchinni with a fresh tomato sauce leftover from yesterday that I had Megan place in the already-running dehydrator for a bit to warm it, and a small salad made from organic lettuce and cherry tomatoes fresh from our CSA box. I’ll post the tomato sauce recipe when I get a chance, or at least a version of it because I didn’t write it down. It was simply tomatoes, carrots, garlic (an entire bulb!), fresh basil, and a bit of salt blended.

My mid-morning snack was pumpkin seeds (soaked and sprouted a bit and then dried again), and then this evening I at about a dozen “potato chips.” The chips were lightly salted dehydrated potatoes sliced thin. I only did one of the beautiful purple potatoes from the CSA box because I wanted to make sure they were good. They are. Oh, and did have an Edy’s frozen fruit bar while watching the Olympics tonight as well. I need to get some molds and make some of my own fruit popsicles before summer is over!

I also drank lots of water throughout the day and night.

Tomorrow — more greens though. :-0

Well, that was day one — I won’t promise to always update you with every little thing I eat, but i know a few friends have been asking, “so, what do you eat?” and I figure this may help answer that while helping to motivate me as well.


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