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August 19, 2008

Today I continued to struggle with temptation and good choices

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You would think that not needing my coffee anymore would have been lesson enough, but no those little temptations abound. Today was a very busy day at work. Things went well, but it was busy.

Often my office orders in and we get free lunch if we order from wherever they’re ordering from that day — the few places I trust to get salads from is dwindling the more I learn and the more frequently I try eating a take out salad and feel awful (gluten cross contamination generally). But today they were ordering from Famous Dave’s, and I LOVE (loved?) Famous Dave’s. My quick thought between meetings was “oh yes, I can order a salad” and then as I was standing there by the order sheet starting to write I realized that the salad I had always ordered these past months since going gluten free contained dairy and chicken. And while the sauce is gluten free who knows what else is in it (high fructose corn syrup I’m sure for starters). So, I quickly scribbled down the side veggie salad, no croûtons, etc. so that I didn’t make the person behind me annoyed. I never ate it though.

A few minutes later I was chatting (via IM) with Shawn and we realized that we needed another speedy supper (yes, we need to do menu planning but have put it off again and again this month), and we had no idea what to do. Rather than trying to figure it out at that point I simply asked him to meet me at the food co-op for lunch and we could figure it out then, and then one of use could purchase and run home any needed ingredients (we live and work relatively near the co-op).

So lunch today was from the co-op deli. It should have been from the salad bar but I was afraid that would take too long 😦 and was hoping for a little variety. 🙂 So I had some marinated veggies that weren’t very good, and then I went ahead and tried some vegan sushi. The sushi rolls had the cooked rice of course so not completely raw, but I was happily surprised that I liked it because last time I tried sushi I didn’t like it at all (the one thing Shawn likes and I don’t!). I want to eat more sea vegetables, but have been afraid to try too many of them based on my few previous experiences.

When I returned to work I found my salad waiting on my desk. It had a corn muffin on it as I forgot to mention that to them, so I wouldn’t have been able to eat it anyway due to the gluten cross contamination. it also had eggs on which I had not noticed in the description. Hopefully someone else will want to eat it because I hate wasting food.

I did end up snacking on one of these this afternoon: http://www.gomacro.com/glutenfree.htm — they are my FAVORITE, but I generally reserve them for while traveling. But I knew it was in my purse, and for some reason I opened it.

Supper ended up being an Indian sauce with chicken over rice for the rest of the family (I don’t remember the kind because I didn’t eat it), while I had a blended soup with: tomatoes (garden fresh!), green onions, a small carrot, half a cucumber, a celery stalk, half an avocado in the soup w/ other half in chunks in the soup, and garlic and basil in the soup for seasoning. I still used some sea salt and black pepper on it too. It was VERY yummy and very filling. And since some things are more important than food, the best part was we managed to sit down as a family for a half an hour before rushing off to meetings. (Thanks to my daughter’s love of helping to cook; she traded two other chores for being responsible for supper since she would be home earlier than the rest of us!)

During the Olympics I sipped on what was for me a new green smoothie — apples, cinnamon, and spinach, inspired by the Raw Diva’s Green Smoothie challenge and blog posts. I put too much cinnamon in it though. I think I would like this best as a juice rather than a smoothie because the texture was a bit too fluffy for me. It might be better as a warm drink this winter though (blended like the soups until it’s warm). Then I accepted some of my daughter’s smoothie that was simply bananas and cherries. Yum!

I had hoped to update w/ more photos of our gorgeous produce, and of some of our weekend meals, but it’s hard to multi-task while watching the Olympics. I’m gone all day tomorrow, but will get some enticing food photos up soon. If anyone has any great ideas — or just lots of encouragement — to continue to get greens and other veggies while traveling, please add them to the comments. I can use all I can get of both!

I’m committed to eating as much raw food as possible at this point. Other than the temptations, I felt great today and had WAY more energy than I probably should have based on sleep and the stress of the day. My body feels, well, alive. 🙂

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