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September 15, 2008

Back to basics… smoothies, salads, and soups … and dealing with hunger

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It has been a busy week complete with LOTS of challenges (thought I might be getting addicted to raw cacoa). After a nice weekend away where I managed to stay, mostly, but not all, on a raw vegan diet (had some dairy), I came back and decided it was time to get back to basics. Besides dehydrating in order to save vegetables for winter, I’m going to stick to eating fresh and simple as much as possible. I’m also going to be enjoying the standbys of my early adaption of this healing diet.

Today’s Breakfast was over a quart of green smoothie: bananas (frozen), raspberries (frozen), and lots of kale.

Today’s lunch was salads — two of them since I originally planned to go home, but then decided to order the “free lunch” with co-workers. I enjoyed my summer squash salad (zucchini, summer squash, greens, olives, and some cheeses), but it wasn’t very large and I was still hungry. I went out and got a hummus “salad” (I begged them to turn a wrap into a salad at a place that usually doesn’t do salads).

I was still STARVING by late afternoon. This is very unusual as I’ve rarely been hungry since going on a raw food diet. It makes me wonder if I accidentally got some gluten as doing so seems to mess up my (and, as observed, my daughter’s) appetite control/feelings. I don’t know when/how though, but that is the way it is with a small exposure. My other thought is that it could just be a reaction to something else (the dairy? withdrawal from the chocolate?) I also had a couple of cups of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate within the last few days. This is very unusual for me. I didn’t seem to notice any immediate symptoms after having the coffee which I used to in the past, so I thought maybe now I could handle an occasional cup of coffee. However, it’s still not a healthy choice really for me.

Supper was soup (or hot blended salad?) — I’ve decided to add greens to one of my new favorite soups, and it’s just as good. My favorite includes a beet as well as carrots and tomatoes, but I’m out of beets right now, so it was just carrots, tomatoes, garlic, a little parsley, some basil, and a handful of spinach, and some black pepper along with Agar agar, flax seeds, and chia seeds to add Omega 3s and thicken the soup. the soup was VERY thick this time and yummy too. The color wasn’t quite as nice as previous soups, I’ve made, but it was still warming and yummy. Then I did eat some gluten free/dairy free french bread that my daughter didn’t finish. It was really good with the soup. I’m trying to decide if I need to stop eating anything like that at all for awhile or not. If I’m feeling generally well and energetic then I start to think it’s OK, but really I haven’t managed to stay feeling that way for more than a couple of days (although still generally WAY less tired than before the dietary changes), and I wonder if it’s part of why my energy levels keep fluctuating. I’m going to have to simply experiment with it I guess. I am really looking forward to the Body Enlightenment program by the Raw Divas to help with this, and plan to do the 7 day detox soon as well. I also need to spend some time in the online forums to ask others these questions and get more feedback. 🙂

Tonight I feel starved again wile my tummy at the same time feels bloated (screams gluten to me … which just now makes me wonder if one of the salads I ate for lunch was contaminated?). I think the first thing I’ll do is decide to only eat food from home for the next week so I know I have total control over it (Gluten, etc.). And as I said, I’ll try to stick to basics as much as I can …


  1. hi, just found your blog. Thanks so much for posting this. I’m new to raw foods (though I’ve been vegan for years), and I am so glad you’re posting about this bottomless pit of hunger. I’m not usually this hungry but it now I’m quite ravenous. This is because of gluten? Or is that related to Siliac? I have a friend who has it and it really messes her up, especially because of her love of bread. Anyway, I’m finding your creative recipeis and joyful voice quite delightful. Thank you for blogging!

    Comment by cookiesandstitches — September 16, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

  2. Yippee! I was just preparing for a short lunch post when I saw the comment come through. Talk about making my day! 🙂

    My best guess is that the hunger is related to gluten sensitivity and/or celiac disease (I do not have biopsy confirmed celiac, and was told for a long time that it was an allergy/sensitivity to grains but after I eliminated it totally when my daughter was dx’d with celiac I finally felt normal). If I did get gluten in the last 48 hours it was very minor and my normal good eating now prevented any of my formerly common symptoms in my digestive track which in and of itself is WAY cool because who likes running to the bathroom, especially frequently!

    If that is not what it is from then I don’t know why all of sudden I was SO hungry yesterday after days of not being that hungry. It could have been a fluke or my body telling me I needed something. I don’t know, but it continued through the entire night. Thankfully today has NOT been that way. 🙂 I know when my husband or 11 year old (not dx’d celiacs and eat gluten regularly) they are much hungrier than I am. For example, if I make green smoothies for everyone to start out a long car trip I am usually still satisfied at 11 a.m. and they are ravenous. I don’t know the answer for sure, but right now I’m going to try to take to heart my friends advice to “eat more bananas” which means eat more of whatever (healthy) food you’re eating when you feel super hungry like that to separate it from emotional eating, etc. I think this is particularly helpful to those trying to change eating habits or to those on special diets like elimination diets as they try to discover food allergies.

    Again, thank you for the comment … it should inspire me to publish all those half-written posts I have in mind to go with the pictures still in my camera … now on to that quick lunch post. 🙂

    Comment by tamiofbrooksgroth — September 16, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

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