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September 16, 2008

Sushi for lunch today…

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Well, I kind of blew that keep it simple vow for the week already (talk about showing my challenges!). So I didn’t eat food from home, but I did have a really fabulous lunch with my really fabulous husband!

I was running late today so I decided this morning I would run home for lunch rather than bring things with me, and rationalized that that way I could use the blender if I wanted to rather than being limited to salad, etc. Well, then everyone at work was ordering Chinese food (remember I get free lunch if I order wherever the office is ordering), so I was feeling sorry for myself and even looked at the menu briefly. But even if I was only concerned with the gluten and not any other health factors (staying primarily raw or vegan for example), there wasn’t anything safe there for me due to the sauces they use.

So …

I asked my husband if he wanted to meet me downstairs at the “sushi place” (Yoko’s House, see my earlier post on it). I had been looking forward to going there sometime with Shawn because I knew I could try a few other things there then because he would eat them if I didn’t like them. Well, this time I ordered actual Sushi, and I really LOVE the mild sea weed they use, and may even be up to trying the sea weed salad in the future (I’ve been trying to get more sea vegetables into my diet). I had a variety of, primarily vegetable, sushi rolls (so, yes, this time had rice), as well as ordering the Spicy Tuna that came with rice in a “cone” of sea weed (next time I need to take notes on the names of things!). Oh my that spicy tuna was awesome and may inspire to keep raw fish in my diet occasionally just for eating at Yoko’s. 🙂

Since breakfast was a Lara bar, I will definitely be getting back on track by snacking on the Kale Chips I dehydrated last week, and including blended greens (likely soup) in my supper plans.

Celebrating health and happiness today…


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