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September 25, 2008

Simple Banana Green Smoothie

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Sometimes simplicity is best ….
The other morning all we had left for fruit for a morning green smoothie was bananas. I kind of turned up my face thinking I should have gotten something else last night. I also though, it might be a long winter of frozen fruit with this attitude. I figured I could try using more raw chocolate or nut milks in my smoothies if I needed to, but I was going to give just the bananas a try.
I used 2 regular, very ripe, bananas and one frozen banana along with my now routine 3 T. of chia seeds. I held back a bit on the greens and only used maybe four leaves of chard. And then I blended. I was running late so I just quickly poured into into my large quart to go cup and ran out of the house.
On the way I took a sip … YUM!!!
It was the smoothest and creamiest smoothie I had had in a LONG time. So yummy. It was actually almost too sweet for me, and I was wishing I had put in more greens! So the next day I did!
Today I added blueberries for some variety, but I think I like the all banana one better! 🙂

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