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February 10, 2009

Quick note for those new to the blog…

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Hello and welcome!

I’ve been sending … and seeing more new faces around here … which reminds me I have a lot of blog housekeeping to do around here! Recently this blog has basically been a food journal for me. I hope you can benefit from that, but if you want more, please let me know how I can help! I plan on making this blog much more informational while still keeping it personal. What information can best help you? What can most inspire you? What do you want to know? Need to know? Merely curious about?

To tell you how I got where I am today will take longer than this post, but if you read through the entire blog you’ll get a good idea … in short I started to gain health and in the process started loosing weight … a lot of weight (currently down about 55 pounds … of course due to ill health I was up a lot before I started to loose). I did indeed gain health though — I went from chronically fatigued and chronic IBS, low thyroid, fibromalagia pain and more — to being totally energetic and totally PAIN FREE! And from all my reading I really, really believe nutrition and food is the key and that anyone can improve their health in the same way.

Is is always easy? Well, of course not. But what truly worthwhile thing every is??

Seriously, after gaining my health it’s much easier than most people would imagine though, and very, very doable!

Currently I eat fresh raw fruits and vegetales and LOTS of greens (I’m starting to seen greens as their own category!), and some raw nuts and seeds as well as near daily coconut oil and some high quality olive oil (sparingly) … and when I’m sticking to my target for optimum health — that’s it! In reality I do eat some cooked whole grains or gently steamed/water cooked veggies, and once in awhile during this journey I experiement how a few other items affect me — but NO gluten EVER  (unless it’s by accident or cross contamination) and NO Dairy –  EVER as it’s too addictive and I don’t feel it has any nutritoinal value for me (more on that eventually), and finally no animal flesh ever anymore and that one I have decided is a final decision for me as well. This means I eat mostly vegan, but have occasionally had eggs yet and do eat honey, so I don’t call myself vegan.

I will be posting more each week about my own food goals, but I want to stress that in many ways this continues to evolve as I refine what I eat for optimum health and nutrition (while certainly allowging for lots of enjoyment!). My entire journey to this spot has been such an evolution of myself and my eating … hence I made sure “learning” was part of this blog’s name.

I will also be posting more about all the fantastic little changes that my family is making in their diet, and those posts may be of more interest to those of you not ready to jump to a raw food diet as my family is not limited to raw foods nor are they vegetarians. However, my family has increased thier intake of fruits, veggies, and greens A LOT, and we do keep a gluten free household.

Until then I’ll direct you to just a few great websites and blogs for more info — there are many more than these, but these are a few of my current favorites:

Green Smoothie Girl! (be sure to visit Robyn’s blog too)

Raw Family


The Green Smoothie Blog

The Raw Divas!

Raw for Change!

Kristen’s Raw Blog

Fertile Healthy Blog

Raw Mom Blog

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