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September 6, 2008

Today I’m busy in the kitchen…

Tomorrow I’ll try to save time for computer work, including posting pictures, but today I’m keeping my dehydrator and kitchen gadgets busy. I already dehydrated an entire dehydrator full of tomatoes earlier this week, and I’ll likely do more later this week as I plan on using LOTS of “sun-dried” tomatoes this winter. Today I’m also making my first attempt at imitation bacon (also referred to as Raw Bac-un) using eggplant as well as summer squash and zucchini, dehydrated potato chips, dehydrated beet fries, and various veggie chips marinated with marinara sauce and other marinades.

I also want to get more watermelon sliced and frozen as well as getting some local berries in the freezer. Shawn and I are going out tonight so I’m not sure if that will all happen before it’s time to stop and get ready. Saturdays always fly by so fast when I’m in the kitchen!

Breakfast was the light and refreshing watermelon smoothie (sometimes known as the aphrodisiac smoothie) with chia seeds (the only greens were some of the rind and peeling of the watermelon), and lunch was a blender soup of carrots, beets, tomatoes and a little salt and pepper which is fast becoming one of my favorite soups!

Pictures and recipes later this week!

And a quick update on eating local (I’ll do a more official post at the end of the week) — so far today I have eaten entirely LOCAL. That balances out the rest of the family. 🙂 As far as what we’ve purchased this weekend so far — well, that has almost entirely been from the various farmer’s markets so I would round it at 95% local dollars spent. Have I missed anything? No, not really. A little pang for the avocado I would normally have put in my soup, but it was still great without it. Long term I will want more fruits, and especially bananas, but there really are lots of options right now in Wisconsin.

August 24, 2008

Who needs a stove anyway?

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This is what my stove looked like when I woke up Saturday morning.

I smiled remembering unpacking all those veggies Friday night before collapsing on the couch with Shawn. Some of them are from our Friday CSA box, some are from neighbor’s gardens, and a few are left from “the farm” (my dad’s family farm which now has a family garden). I have many plans for these veggies this week!

But today I spent the day with veggies that didn’t even make this picture — dehydrating all items over a week old that we haven’t eaten yet from beans to green peppers to onions to celery. I didn’t even get to start on the zucchini and potatoes today!

The stove still looks like that … if it was just me, they would probably stay there. 🙂 But I’m thinking that Shawn will want to use the stove this week, so I’ll have to find a place for them elsewhere.

August 23, 2008

Freshly stocked for the week….

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Our baskets, our own Cornucopia, filled each Friday...

Our baskets, our own Cornucopia, filled each Friday...

The only place we could find for this basket set in this house was right over the kitchen sink, but I love it. Working at the sink is so much more fun when I can look up and smile at my fresh veggies and fruit!

I thought about doing a transformation showing you all how the basket looked Thursday night (one lone plum, and a tad of garlic on the top), but who really wants to see that. So, I waited until Saturday morning and took pictures of it all full.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!?

Shawn thought the top looked like a bouquet.

Onion, garlic, and sage filling our top basket!

Onion, garlic, and sage filling our top basket!

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