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September 4, 2008

Breakfast smoothies on the go

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This morning there was enough breakfast smoothie to share with Megan so she could also have some on our way to school. I plan on making sure there is enough for her to have some (about 8 oz is all she usually wants) every morning that I need to drive her to school. 😉

We have some wonderful fresh local raspberries grown by a friend and co-worker so I’ve been using them daily, and will be sad when they’re gone.

This morning’s smoothie included a pint of raspberries, a handful of blueberries, a frozen banana, and about 5 leaves of chard, as well as 2 tsp. of chia seeds, a cup of water and a heaping cup of ice cubes.

Megan pointed out that it was a pretty smoothie — BEFORE we blended it! 🙂 So we snapped a picture that I’ll upload to flickr later, but we opted not to take another picture after it was blended. The mix of berries with the dark greens tends to simply create a muddy color. BUT it tastes great — light, refreshing and yet filling.

It’s also perfect for sipping on the morning commute!

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