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December 9, 2008

Monday Weigh in and Surviving the Holidays (Weight Loss in December with Raw Food)

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Basil and tomatoes in the blender

Basil and tomatoes in the blender

So much to share, and so little time.

First, I did to a quick weigh in this morning, and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t be higher than last week. Whew! The official stats for this week are: 179.8 pounds and 39.5 body fat%.

So, I can officially say that I’ve lost over 40 pounds n That is the good news. The not so good news, is that that is the lowest amount I’ve lost since I started keeping track. I have been told not to stress about this, and I’m not. Weight loss on a raw food diet may fluctuate a bit anyway because of the water content of  the food. I’ve become pretty good and realizing when I’m actually retaining even just a bit of extra water though, and I try to naturally release all of that before my weigh -in each week. (I release the retained water with foods like cucumber, watermelon, dandelion root tea or other forms of dandelion, and of course lots of great water.)

But this week I would say that the bigger culprit would be the easy spiral that happens when I indulge in a bit of cooked food, and then eat more than I should because I find it harder to read my fullness cues when I eat cooked food. And then there are the times we eat even if we know we’re not hungry — ahh, the holiday parties.

It really hasn’t been too bad, but I have been eating more rich foods (nuts, agave nectar, and so on) than I typically do because I make some special foods to share (and eat!) and holiday parties and gatherings. Just like with cooked goodies, a little goes a long way with these foods! I’ll be posting some recipes soon too, but caution one to remember these are treats and not necessarily to be eaten on  a regular basis.

If I wasn’t continuing to feel energetic, and as if I was continuing to release weight, I may research into other health issues, but I think this is just normal Holiday food issues. 🙂

I just spent the last hour listening to a Dr. T. teleseminar (The Truth About Your Food), so I’m even more inspired now to continue to nourish my body with healthy food! My New Year wish to everyone is that they are able to also nourish their bodies and feel healthy in return!

September 4, 2008

Today I tried Sashimi…

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There is a new restaurant downstairs from where I work, Yoko’s, and I decided today was the day to try it.  (read about it here http://eatinglacrosse.com/x/2008/2/7/yokos-sushi-and-teriyaki-grill.html and here http://www.rivervalleynewspapers.com/articles/2007/04/01/business/02biz01.txt and most recently this article talks about the new restaurant opening at the location near my workplace http://www.lacrossetribune.com/articles/2008/03/22/news/z05sushi22.txt)

I had read about sashimi being good on a raw food diet, assuming one is not also committed to being totally vegan (at this point I’m not), so that’s what I ordered (it was salmon that I ordered (sake?)). I also ordered an avacado salad that was an avacado sliced VERY thin with a homemade ginger and seseme dressing and served over wonderful mixed greens. It was a small salad and the lunch in general was quite small in terms of the amount of food, but it was surprisingly satisfying. Shawn has been wanting to go there to try the sushi so I think we’ll be making a trip there together soon.

I did ask the manager about gluten while I was there, and was sad that I had to explain to her what it was (I need my allergy cards for dining out!), but she seemed responsive and explained what I could and couldn’t have. For example both of their soy sauces do have wheat in them. I asked about any other spices and she assured me that they did not have any wheat or even any other fillers in them, and I hope she’s correct because I really enjoyed my meal.

This is really pushing the edge for me, and that’s good. I haven’t had good sushi experiences in the past, and I haven’t been successful at finding sea vegetables that I actually enjoy eating at home either. I know it will take time to find what flavors I enjoy, so I just need to try a bit at a time. I did learn that I do NOT enjoy the Wasabi at all.

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