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August 21, 2008

Lunch on the run and a quick supper…

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I had a 1 o’clock meeting that I nearly forgot about so I had to cut my lunch short, and ended up only eating/drinking another smoothie. I decided to go with trying a green chai smoothie since I didn’t get a chance to replenish my fruit supply. I was inspired by this recipe, but when I got home the kids had eaten the last of the bananas so I went without that. I also substituted almonds that I already had soaked for the cashews. and then I added all the spinach I had left (2 handfuls?). My first thought was yum, but eventually I realized the texture was a bit off. I’m sure it would have been better with the banana (and maybe w/ the cashews LOL).

For supper I made this Curried Cabbage recipe: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/soupssalads/r/curriedcabage.htm

I left out the soy and used just a little Braggs Aminos as well as using some curry spice that I had pre-mixed because I was missing at least one of the spices in the recipe as it is. Again I would like to follow it exactly as it is sometime, but it was VERY good as I made it. I used to eat a lot of Indian food that we made at home, and this really hit the spot. I will be making it again very soon. With something this good who needs to have lots of courses at a meal.

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