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October 23, 2008

100% Raw, Sick, Gluten Contamination, More Sick Days, Back to 100% Raw and more

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I have about a dozen posts to write about various things the past few weeks, but I want to get a brief outline out here first — something to document my own challenges.

First a side track — during the last few weeks I was busy posting and helping to coordinate the Green Smoothie blog, and I’m loving it. We’re also promoting the Body Enlightenment System (last day to sign up for this session is Friday October 25th!!!). Remember though that the Raw Diva’s have many, many resources, including many free or inexpensive ones, so check out their blogs and other resources.

Now that is one of the things I was doing when I was feeling well and not working or spending time with family, but there were also a lot of ups and downs with food and health. Going in reverse …

Just before starting this post I was thinking “ugh, why does my stomach feel so heavy NOW?” I made a mock Tuna recipe (Alissa Cohen’s book) which uses bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds (and pumpkin seeds for me since I didn’t have enough sunflower seeds), and almonds as well as the onion and celery found in just about any tuna recipe. And I also replaced the raw soy sauce it calls for with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I made this before and it not only tasted awesome, but I don’t remember feeling poorly (is it just a poor memory?), so what is up this time. I think I put more Bragg’s in it this time, and I think I’ve decided that Bragg’s just isn’t good for me personally. Or was it something else that I’m sensitive to? or did I just eat too much? Or is it combined with the fact that I ate a bit of dairy earlier in the day? Hmm … yes, this is the obsessive questioning I do. The trick is to do just enough of such questioning to actually figure out a bit about what my body needs and yet not go crazy. 🙂

Before supper though I felt AWESOME today. I realized at about 1 p.m. that I had only drank about half of my green smoothie that I brought with for lunch, and I was NOT hungry. I also realized that without even thinking about it I had been eating 100% raw, and almost entirely green smoothies (and soup) for 48 hours. And I was (re)energized and felt SO great. That was such a good feeling. So why exactly did I have to go and mess that up? These are the things that make me wonder at my own decisions … and yet it just is. It also makes me think that I really could just go on a green smoothie fast any time I wanted to guarantee feeling well. 🙂

Now, Monday night. That was misery night. 😦

To make it worse I had been sick with gluten contamination off and on for a few days. It  started with going out to lunch with Megan when she was off of school last Thursday and noticing some spices on my salad, and sure enough later that afternoon the bloating and general feeling of being unwell was there. Before I even recovered from that I decided to eat oats. They were gluten free oats but now I still wonder what I was thinking. To make it worse I combined them with chocolate (raw cocoa, but still), so I can’t be entirely sure that it’s the oats I’m sensitive to, but based on the reaction, I’m pretty sure it is the oats. 😦 I also ate a salad with LOTS of cesear dressing (gluten free high quality, but still bottled). Ugh, in a digestive system already dealing w/ gluten/grain reaction, this was not good (even with enzymes!). Oh, yes it briefly was yummy in my mouth, but in my tummy — not so much. I need to remember this. And stick to things I find yummy in my tummy as well. 🙂

So in summary, the last couple of days I felt on top of the world in contrast to Monday night when I could barely make it through a theatre performance Shawn and I went to. I kept thinking I felt like crawling under a rock and not coming out. I also realized I didn’t even feel as bad as I did on a REGULAR BASIS before starting to drink green smoothies and eat a diet high in raw foods!?!

I’m also wondering if it’s a coincidence that I was just plain old sick this weekend after my body was dealing with gluten. Granted there are viruses going around, but I just seem to not have those symptoms if I stay close to 100% raw. But Sunday I was totally out of it with cold/flu symptoms (aches, pains, congestion). Luckily it didn’t last long (thanks to green smoothies?). I also realized that during the past weeks it has only been when I have eaten something that disagrees with me (as noted above!) that I experience any of my typical allergy symptoms, even airborne allergy symptoms. I have NOT missed the insanely itchy eyes I get most years in the fall!

I, and my health, continues to evolve. Thanks for sharing the journey … lots more in depth topics hopefully appearing here soon.

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