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January 23, 2009

I Finally Tried a Blended Salad (Green Smoothie, Green Savory, Savory Smoothies)

blended salad in blendtec blenderSure I love green smoothies, but a blended salad? C’mon salads are not made to be blended right?

Recently I discovered Savory smoothies, and have been enjoying a wide variety of them thanks to the wonderful recipes available to me from the various Raw Diva programs. I have also been enjoying blended soups for a few months now, and have recently started adding a handful of greens to many of the blended soup recipes to make them more nutritional. It certainly occurred to me that this makes the soup a blended green smoothie — just a smoothie with savory ingredients and taste rather than the sweet taste associated with most green smoothies.

I’ve actually been craving savory more than sweet lately.

I’ve also been more open to experimenting lately. So when I still had a LOT of wonderful salad left over this past Sunday, and after having a lot of it for lunch, I wasn’t interested in eating more of it as a salad. So I decided to see if it would make a good soup. I also realized that by literally blending this salad, I was certainly going to have to admit to eating a blended salad!

dcp_6063So, I blended it up. It contained approximately: a cup of mixed spring greens, 1/2 a red pepper, 1/2 a cucumber, 1 stalk of celery, 1/2 cup of tomato, 12/2 cup of mushrooms, 1/2 cup of broccoli, 1/2 cup of green onions, 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds, juice of one lime, a bit of olive oil, and just enough water to blend. I added a bit of salt and ate a bowl full as a warm soup — yum! It would probably have been good as a cold savory smoothie too. It was quite green, and not red like many veggie juices.blended green soup

After eating my bowl of the blended salad, I decided to dehydrated the rest of it so I could use it later.Β  Much to my surprise today I wanted to eat the dehydrated blended salad just as it was rather than saving it to rehydrate for another blended soup sometime while traveling! It was tangy and very yummy! What a happy surprise. πŸ™‚

P.S. I originally wrote this early in December — so just over a month ago. I no longer find it surprising that I like blended salads! Now a year ago I was just discovering green smoothies and couldn’t even bring myself to use the blended salad term! So, my eating habits and subsequently my palette have certainly changed. I really did find this soup totally yummy. Of course my 11-year-old, very honest, and much too used to processed food daughter totally disagreed with me — so that is your warning! You may want to use some herbs or spices that you really like in your blended salads at first to bring out those strong flavors that you are accostomed to.

For more great recipes, don’t forget to stop by the Green Smoothie blog!

November 1, 2008

November 1st: Saturday Morning Weigh In — with Measurements

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I decided to get this posted before having my green smoothie and getting busy for the day. Of course I’m not sure I can count the day as busy when it includes two hours of Restorative Yoga! Lucky me. πŸ™‚

We’re also being blessed with truly gorgeous weather. It is a last hurrah before winter comes to settle in I suppose, but I’ll take it. I’m hoping to walk, ride bike, and even rake leaves this weekend. Since there are still many leaves on the trees I’ll likely have to spend some time, likely in much cooler weather, doing it again in a couple of weeks as well. But after this weekend the bikes will be in storage so we can start parking the car in the garage and the van in the driveway as alternate side parking starts now! (The joys of living in a cold and snowy climate!) I’m looking forward to the day when the bikes are not impossible to get out on the unexpectedly warm days in the fall and spring, but alas that is not now.

OK, so in review of the week — it was prep week for the Body Enlightenment System program which officially starts today! In reality I didn’t do anything differently than I have other weeks, and actually ate a bit more cooked food than usual, including gluten and cheese free pizza while out with Nessa after our appointment at Mayo in Rochester (and, yes, it does still qualify as pizza). However, I also had my daily green smoothie, almost daily salads, and started paying more attention to only eating until I’m not hungry and slowly and completely enjoying my smaller portions. It will be good to eat less through the winter now that we have received our last CSA box for the season!

I didn’t really expect great things on the scale, but was pleased with the results this morning. πŸ™‚

Today my stats were:

  • Weight: 187.6
  • Body Fat 41.7%
    • Waist: 39
    • Chest: 41
    • Hips: 46
    • Right Thigh: 23.5
    • Left Thigh: 23.5
    • Right Arm: 13
    • Left Arm: 13.5
    • Belly 45.5

10/31 Inches: (Total = 245)

(All moms likely know what the Belly measurement is; it isn’t always included but it was important for me to include it; c/s moms especially know what this one is as reportedly after the fat is pushed up for closing during surgery the belly will never be the same…I don’t know but it would be nice to find out)

I probably won’t do measurements again until the end of the Body Enlightenment System program (so in about a month), but I will continue with weekly weigh ins as well as sharing other trials and challenges — and hopefully getting back to more pictures of FOOD — you know those yummy veggies. Believe me I’m as surprised as theΒ  next person about how much I rave over kale these days! Speaking of Kale, I need to go get some marinated for part of my last supper before the fast for the first day of the BES! I also need to make some Kale Chips! πŸ™‚

Here is a reference table I created to help me track things. πŸ™‚



Body Fat %

Inches Total

May 2008












Loss to Date:



October 5, 2008

Check out the new Green Smoothie Blog!

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Green Smoothie Blog

Have you all discovered the new Green Smoothie Blog on the Raw Diva site? Check it out: http://www.greensmoothieblog.com/! I’ll be posting there about once a week. As I said in my initial post, please send me an requests for what you would like to see on the blog or who you would like to read about. Also, send photos and videos you would like to share!!! And please comment (here and there) because the only thing more energizing than Green Smoothies is blog comments! πŸ™‚


A picture of me not drinking a green smoothie πŸ™‚

September 26, 2008

Mom, does this have greens in it?

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Megan in the way to school: “Mom, does this have greens in it? Because it doesn’t taste like it does. And it tastes like raspberries and banana, but I don’t feel the seeds. Usually I have to put the straw back farther in my mouth when I try to drink a raspberry green smoothie, or even a regular raspberry smoothie.”
Me smiling: Yes, it has greens in it, but not enough to cover the red of the raspberries or take over the flavor. (What I didn’t tell her: Kale and beet greens to be exact, and the beet greens had some red in the stems which I’m sure helped a great deal. And there was also my now usual 3 T. of chia seed meal as well. Score!) The raspberries were frozen maybe they blend better that way, plus I blended it longer than usual because I added that second banana after tasting it.
Megan has become so picky (age 11) that being able to get her to drink 12 oz of green smoothie on the way to school is a huge accomplishment. I was smiling for awhile!
I hope I can repeat it for her and her sister this weekend!

September 25, 2008

Simple Banana Green Smoothie

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Sometimes simplicity is best ….
The other morning all we had left for fruit for a morning green smoothie was bananas. I kind of turned up my face thinking I should have gotten something else last night. I also though, it might be a long winter of frozen fruit with this attitude. I figured I could try using more raw chocolate or nut milks in my smoothies if I needed to, but I was going to give just the bananas a try.
I used 2 regular, very ripe, bananas and one frozen banana along with my now routine 3 T. of chia seeds. I held back a bit on the greens and only used maybe four leaves of chard. And then I blended. I was running late so I just quickly poured into into my large quart to go cup and ran out of the house.
On the way I took a sip … YUM!!!
It was the smoothest and creamiest smoothie I had had in a LONG time. So yummy. It was actually almost too sweet for me, and I was wishing I had put in more greens! So the next day I did!
Today I added blueberries for some variety, but I think I like the all banana one better! πŸ™‚

September 4, 2008

Breakfast smoothies on the go

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This morning there was enough breakfast smoothie to share with Megan so she could also have some on our way to school. I plan on making sure there is enough for her to have some (about 8 oz is all she usually wants) every morning that I need to drive her to school. πŸ˜‰

We have some wonderful fresh local raspberries grown by a friend and co-worker so I’ve been using them daily, and will be sad when they’re gone.

This morning’s smoothie included a pint of raspberries, a handful of blueberries, a frozen banana, and about 5 leaves of chard, as well as 2 tsp. of chia seeds, a cup of water and a heaping cup of ice cubes.

Megan pointed out that it was a pretty smoothie — BEFORE we blended it! πŸ™‚ So we snapped a picture that I’ll upload to flickr later, but we opted not to take another picture after it was blended. The mix of berries with the dark greens tends to simply create a muddy color. BUT it tastes great — light, refreshing and yet filling.

It’s also perfect for sipping on the morning commute!

September 3, 2008

Today (and yesterday) I struggled really hard with what to eat…

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During our Labor Day Vacation I ate about 75% raw food, and for the most part felt pretty good. A few times something I ate let me know I probably shouldn’t have done it, but it was pretty good for vacation food. I probably was still following a PH Balance type of diet. Unfortunately, my body is healing and needs even more than that. Every bite must count if I’m going to continue the amazing recovery and be totally rid of my chronic fatigue, fibromalagia, and food allergy symptoms.

For some reason temptation has seemed worse since coming home. It almost seemed harder the last couple of days than it did when I originally turned to raw foods for nutrition. I’m not sure why that is. At the same time I realize that I am on the verge from PMS to actually having my period and in the past that was always the worst for cravings in general, and in the past that always ended in chocolate, lots of chocolate and also something salty. Those items never crossed my mind today so that is significant progress all by itself. Today I was just tempted to grab a coke or other soda when opening the work fridge today, tempted to brew a cup of fresh “rain forest nut” coffee in our break room, and SO tempted to help myself to some Indian sauce (bottled) and rice (white basmati) for supper along with the rest of my family. The Indian sauce smelled SO good and I do miss Indian food (although I do love curried coleslaw on my raw food diet), so I’ll be looking for more raw food recipes that use Indian spices. I know it was cravings though because the ketchup and mustard were nearly as appealing last night (parent disclaimer: they are expensive nitrate and gluten free hot dogs … Applegate I think). Knowing that I beat these cravings once, helps me know I can do it again.

So, with the help of wonderful experts like the Raw Divas and GreenSmoothieGirl, I’m going to make it through just fine, and get back to where I was before vacation. By that I mean back to where my energy levels are increasing as well as stabilizing so I don’t stay up late one night and come home from work exhausted the next day, and my other physical symptoms simply disappear again. Those physical symptoms seemed to include my fall seasonal allergies earlier in August, but today that was being tested so we’ll see. I’m also hoping that this nutrition helps my body heal from my recent accident more quickly than it otherwise would heal. Of course I’ll still have to do the prescribed stretching, exercises and other therapies too, but I know my body needs good nutrition to support that healing.

So — What did I eat today?

For breakfast I had a green smoothie of course (I am so thankful for this fast easy meal — the suburb nutrition is just a bonus!). I used a couple of chunks of frozen banana along with a white nectarine and a white peach, and several chard leaves. I was going to go with only white nectarines, but two of them were going bad already when Shawn just bought them the day before. 😦

Lunch was a HUGE salad with mixed greens, spinach, carrots, olives (probably a no, no but I’ve been craving them and I gave in), banana peppers, peas, and salsa and guacamole (commercial so questionable). I also snacked on some raw Italian-flavored flax crackers.

Supper was a smoothie with raspberries, bananas, blueberries, and kale along with a simple salad of mixed baby greens and more of the sweetest organic orange cherry tomatoes I’ve ever had.

Tonight I also got the dehydrator going again, and filled with with tomatoes that I picked at my parent’s farm on the way back home on Monday. I picked 3 bags of tomatoes and after filling the dehydrator I still have a sink full of tomatoes. The reason I say sink full is because I have to wash these tomatoes very well because they are not organic and after picking them with my bare hands (didn’t even think to find gloves) my hands were raw and itchy. I say that not to complain but just as an example of what every-day pesticides can do even at the skin level, and also to say that with careful washing and preparation non-organic foods can still be extremely nourishing to our bodies. Please don’t let the inability to grow or purchase organic food stop you from eating lots of raw fruits and veggies!!!! With all those tomatoes in the dehydrator my daughter told me I could sell them, but I told her they were for us to enjoy this winter! Well, maybe I’ll have enough to give away a few packed olive oil at the holidays (Shhh).

I also have corn from the farm to enjoy. I’m dehydrating some to make raw corn meal, and I’m also hoping to use some to make corn bread and corn chips in my dehydrator. Making food in the dehydrator certainly helps teach me patience and planning — who would know that a diet could teach so much! πŸ™‚

August 22, 2008

Breakfast: Green Smoothie of figs, grapes and beet greens

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This morning I finally tried figs, and made a smoothie inspired by the Fig-tastic recipe found here: http://www.squidoo.com/greensmoothies (you have to scroll a ways down). I didn’t have red grapes so I used green and I don’t have the super food she refers to (I do take a high quality probiotic supplement). I stopped throughout the process to taste test, but this is what I ended up with:

7 figs
large handful green grapes
4 beet green leaves
2 inches of celery and a couple of the little leaves
1 tsp cinnamon
3/4 tsp powdered (gluten free) vanilla
1 cup water
2 cups ice

If I had to do it again I would cut down on either the ice or water, but it was still great. This made about 24 oz so not quite the quart I usually drink, and not quite as green as far as the number of leaves. Maybe next time I make it I’ll add more greens. If you try this, or the recipe I started with, let me know as I would be interested in how you like it. It does have a distinctive taste that is indeed “earthy” but also very, very good. I will be making it again. It was a great introduction to figs.

August 21, 2008

Can you feel my excitement?

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I am so moved and excited by being a winner of one of The Great Green Smoothie Awards!!!

This blog was inspired by the challenge as well, and I knew when I started it that I was still at the beginning of my journey. I can’t even begin to express how meaningful this challenge and the past week has been to me … but I’m sure I’ll find some words eventually.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ….

Lunch on the run and a quick supper…

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I had a 1 o’clock meeting that I nearly forgot about so I had to cut my lunch short, and ended up only eating/drinking another smoothie. I decided to go with trying a green chai smoothie since I didn’t get a chance to replenish my fruit supply. I was inspired by this recipe, but when I got home the kids had eaten the last of the bananas so I went without that. I also substituted almonds that I already had soaked for the cashews. and then I added all the spinach I had left (2 handfuls?). My first thought was yum, but eventually I realized the texture was a bit off. I’m sure it would have been better with the banana (and maybe w/ the cashews LOL).

For supper I made this Curried Cabbage recipe: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/soupssalads/r/curriedcabage.htm

I left out the soy and used just a little Braggs Aminos as well as using some curry spice that I had pre-mixed because I was missing at least one of the spices in the recipe as it is. Again I would like to follow it exactly as it is sometime, but it was VERY good as I made it. I used to eat a lot of Indian food that we made at home, and this really hit the spot. I will be making it again very soon. With something this good who needs to have lots of courses at a meal.

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