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April 16, 2009

Vanilla Shake/Smoothie Recipes (green smoothies/shakes)

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Anyone watching my Facebook profile has seen me enjoying these lately…my family enjoye them too, so here are a few recipes:

Hemp Vanilla Shake with Power Greens*

  • 2-4 T. Hemp seeds (experiment with your taste preferences)
  • Approximately 3 cups of water (if you like really thick shakes/smoothies, you can do less)
  • 3 to 6 figs, depending on sweetness preference and size of figs (for the kids I do very sweet). If dried, soak in the water a bit first and chop (remove stems) for easier blending
  • 3 Romaine leaves, stems removed and torn in pieces
  • 1 tsp or more of vanilla extract
  • Dash or more of cinnamon
  • 2 cups frozen grapes (I used a mix of red and green; can use all of one kind or mix it up)

Blend all except grapes first, then add frozen grapes and blend until it’s the texture you want it to be for your shake. If you don’t want to freeze the grapes first, then use less water and add ice at the end so it is still cold and icy as I think it tastes much better really cold. You can also use less or no greens if that is your preference, or you are new to including greens in your smoothies. Another mild green may be substituted for the romaine (I recommend spinach, chard or romaine, but if you want to throw in just a bit of kale, you can).

*This makes a large amount, so cut down amounts for a smaller serving and/or single serving. You should be able to find Hemp seeds at a health food store. I used Nutiva packaged Hemp seeds (http://nutiva.com/products/7_hempseeds.php) that I bought at La Crosse’s People’s Food Co-op. My figs were from the co-op  as well, but I have seen them at other local grocery stores too.

Almond Mylkshake

You can make this using already made almond mylk/milk or by using fresh raw almonds in your smoothie.

  • 2 cups almond milk (or water plus ½ cup or so of soaked nuts)
  • 4 figs (or to taste), soaked a bit ahead of time if they were dried figs, and chopped to ease blending.
  • 1-2 tsp vanilla
  • Large dash cinnamon or to taste
  • 2 cups frozen or fresh grapes
  • Ice, optional
  • Spinach or other greens, optional (with this sweet shake though even Megan doesn’t complain about a little spinach in it!) If you put greens in blend them before adding the grapes and any ice, so that they blend very well. (For those of you nervous about your blender’s ability to blend greens, you could strain a bit and then add fruits, etc. in this recipe and many other ones).

Blend everything but the grapes and/or ice first, add grapes  and blend well, and then if adding ice, add it and pulse until the ice is the consistency you want it to be. Enjoy!

How I make my Almond Mylk:

  • Soak raw almonds for 12 hours or more and rinse well (I order these here: http://www.almonds-from-california.com/ )
  • Put them in my blendtec blender (think even a regular blender will work) with 3-4 cups of water depending on my mood
  • Add just a bit of vanilla and optionally some sweetener (stevia, dates, figs, agava nectar are all options I’ve used)
  • Blend, blend, blend (I use the “whole juice” button and then blend a bit longer on speed 2).
  • Strain! I use a “paint straining bag” that I bought at Ace Hardware, but you can buy nice Nut Mylk bags, or use any fine strainer (cheesecloth and nylons are reported to work well too … I have even used a metal mesh strainer but it doesn’t catch as much pulp as a bag does).
  • Set aside pulp to use in a recipe if you have a dehydrator; otherwise discard.
  • Use the Mylk as you would any milk. J It will keep a few days in the fridge and is full of fresh nutty goodness!
  • The same process can be used with many other nuts and seeds, and unlike almonds, many of those seeds are available in high quality in stores. Each nut or seed has its own unique flavor as well as nutritional benefits.

It all started with this one:

http://tinyurl.com/c9qvof — that is a link to a great “Holiday Smoothie” recipe shared by Tracy on the Green Smoothie blog. As you can see from there, you do not any nuts or seeds to get that great sweet vanilla flavor. I think the nuts or seeds just add another dimension to it. If you search the web, I’m sure you’ll find many other varieties of raw/living food vanilla shakes and smoothies that are nutrient dense – now that is indulgence without guilt!

Let me know what your favorite version of a vanilla smoothie is!

An watch for me posting about how I like this shake with coconut instead … with and without figs and grapes likely. J

January 23, 2009

I Finally Tried a Blended Salad (Green Smoothie, Green Savory, Savory Smoothies)

blended salad in blendtec blenderSure I love green smoothies, but a blended salad? C’mon salads are not made to be blended right?

Recently I discovered Savory smoothies, and have been enjoying a wide variety of them thanks to the wonderful recipes available to me from the various Raw Diva programs. I have also been enjoying blended soups for a few months now, and have recently started adding a handful of greens to many of the blended soup recipes to make them more nutritional. It certainly occurred to me that this makes the soup a blended green smoothie — just a smoothie with savory ingredients and taste rather than the sweet taste associated with most green smoothies.

I’ve actually been craving savory more than sweet lately.

I’ve also been more open to experimenting lately. So when I still had a LOT of wonderful salad left over this past Sunday, and after having a lot of it for lunch, I wasn’t interested in eating more of it as a salad. So I decided to see if it would make a good soup. I also realized that by literally blending this salad, I was certainly going to have to admit to eating a blended salad!

dcp_6063So, I blended it up. It contained approximately: a cup of mixed spring greens, 1/2 a red pepper, 1/2 a cucumber, 1 stalk of celery, 1/2 cup of tomato, 12/2 cup of mushrooms, 1/2 cup of broccoli, 1/2 cup of green onions, 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds, juice of one lime, a bit of olive oil, and just enough water to blend. I added a bit of salt and ate a bowl full as a warm soup — yum! It would probably have been good as a cold savory smoothie too. It was quite green, and not red like many veggie juices.blended green soup

After eating my bowl of the blended salad, I decided to dehydrated the rest of it so I could use it later.  Much to my surprise today I wanted to eat the dehydrated blended salad just as it was rather than saving it to rehydrate for another blended soup sometime while traveling! It was tangy and very yummy! What a happy surprise. 🙂

P.S. I originally wrote this early in December — so just over a month ago. I no longer find it surprising that I like blended salads! Now a year ago I was just discovering green smoothies and couldn’t even bring myself to use the blended salad term! So, my eating habits and subsequently my palette have certainly changed. I really did find this soup totally yummy. Of course my 11-year-old, very honest, and much too used to processed food daughter totally disagreed with me — so that is your warning! You may want to use some herbs or spices that you really like in your blended salads at first to bring out those strong flavors that you are accostomed to.

For more great recipes, don’t forget to stop by the Green Smoothie blog!

January 8, 2009

The weight just keeps falling off! (Do you want to loose weight? Are you? What have you tried?)

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Today I’m simply going to ramble a bit. It’s the new year and everyone is all about resolutions and wanting to look better (feel better?) and, of course, loose weight!

How many of you have weight loss resolutions or goals? (Maybe I should set up a poll or survey!)

I have to admit to having those types of resolutions in the past, but honestly not often. You’ll notice that this year I didn’t list any specific resolutions. I will however be posting an “Eating Manifesto” for the year soon. Generally for me it has either been the case that I’m on a healthy path or I’m not. I have never  rarely gone for a typical “diet” or quick fix. The few times I did go with something that was all the rage, like my brief  journey into the Atkins world years ago, I have always regretted it. And counting calories or points is something I knew would NEVER be for me. That sounds simply like it is all about the negative and deprivation — what you can’t have rather than enjoying nature’s bounty and what you CAN have. And typical canned diet shakes such as slim fast??? YUCK and full of YUCK!

You MUST feed your body first! And the more I learn about health and nutrition the more convinced I am that if you take care of your body, then proper weight (and great skin!) will follow.

So when I hear about all of the recommendations or the various things people (especially women?) are trying in order to loose weight it kind of makes me sad because I know that attaining better health is SO doable!

Ahh, but this post is about my own releasing of weight right? Or at least that is what the title indicated!

So, during this past month — aka “the holidays” — I LOST nearly 10 pounds instead of gaining the traditional holiday 5 to 10 pounds! And I did this without much exercise. The lack of exercise is NOT something I recommend. In fact my very specific goals/resolutions for the new year focus almost entirely on exercise and fitness because I know this is an area that I really need to start kicking myself in the butt about and get going and get in shape!

But back to the weight loss …

I will do an official weigh in and measurements this weekend. But so far things are looking good for the past month according to my quick jump on the scale when I got back from my 2 week driving vacation with the kids. I have to admit I indulged a bit (a little is fine unless you are allergic, etc.) — gluten free christmas cookies, and LOTS of tortilla corn chips with LOTS of gaucamole and salsa, and of course a few glasses of great organic red wine. So, see I DO indulge some. 🙂  Then last weekend I stayed raw but indulged in A LOT of raw pizza and then cheese sauce the next day (too much of anything isn’t good … with the cheeses I eneded up with LOTS of nuts in my diet for a few days — high fat and while healthy in general these proportions were a bit excessive).

I also paid close attention to how my body responded to these various foods, and I did indeed notice that I was less than at my best. And who wants that long term? A hangover, even just from food, is really not the way to live life. The same goes for feeling bloated or constipated. My health concerns may make this a bit more extreme than what others experience but we can ALL learn by listening to our bodies MORE than we listen to the scale.

But if you really want to loose weight ??

I recommend starting with the advice from Michael Pollan, author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma: “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

You want more specifics?? Well, stay tuned because I’ll be sharing lots more soon. But in the meantime, get your groove on with green smoothies. If nothing else it will help you get your recommended fruits and veggies (especially greens!!!).

Follow me, in all my every day glory on twitter at: http://twitter.com/tamigroth

And, likely more important when looking to gain health and/or loose weight, follow the Green Smoothie Queen: http://twitter.com/SmoothieQueen

~ Tami

P.S. If I’m right, I’ll be nearing a 50 pound weight loss next week! How should I celebrate?

January 2, 2009

Raw Cravings and The Importance of Greens

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I have just returned from vacation, and like all vacations it meant vacation eating. It was pretty healthy all things considered, but vacation eating none-the-less. And now that I am home I am craving all sorts of raw food goodies — and especially fresh raw soups. In fact it was interesting to see the broccoli soup as the last post on this blog because creamy broccoli soup sounds so good right now. I’ve also been dreaming up some celery soup as well. I think I’m seriously addicted to celery.

I learned a lot while on vacation. I learned a lot about myself in general and a lot about food and my eating of food, and how it affects me. I will write more about that later; however, today I had one simple little ephinany that I want to share right away — the greens are it when considering the MOST important food type you can eat!!! Much research shows the importance of greens, but I just confirmed this for myself. I think eating an ABUNDANCE of greens is more important than being raw foodist (70% or more raw food consumption), eating vegan, eating low fat (or more importantly “right fat”), or just about anything else I can think. Besides the nutrients involved I know that greens help in keeping the body correctly PH Balanced (alkaline instead of acid), and I’m sure this is also important for my personal health.

So, what led to this ephinany? Well, lots of little things as I looked back at the foods I’ve eaten over the last few weeks and the result of how I feel and look (I have pimples again for the first time in months). Yesterday I decided that I would start the year out 100% raw, and I did. But I was tired and in the evening I went to bed with an upset tummy. Now this is likely due to either plain over consumption (loved those jicama sticks a bit too much), using too much spice (chili powder), or just bad food combining. But … it made me realize that I also hadn’t had any greens all day as I had started the day with a mono-meal of “melon milk” (blended cantaloupe … yummy but no greens). And shortly after that my eyes started to itch the familiar allergy itch that I haven’t felt in MONTHS except for days that I haven’t eaten my greens … so this time it clicked that it was indeed the missing greens as the culprit. Proving again to me that often it is as much what one is NOT eating as what one IS eating.

This is probably why consuming green smoothie daily as my start int raw foodism and PH balanced eating was so important, and how I was able to see such dramatic results.

Someone once said that they start their day with greens because they never know what the rest of the day will bring. I think this is very wise, and something I should do my best to follow in 2009! 🙂

I’ll be off to the store this evening to stock up on the makings for various raw blended soups, green smoothies, green juices, and more. And I’ll be getting ingredients for one more complex raw meal as well, this week likely pizza, as Shawn has practically requested that I experiment each weekend with a raw meal for the entire family because he so loved what he ate that at the Ecopolitan in Minneapolis. 🙂

Looking at recipes and raw food blogs has been a great inspiration for me — here’s to a great 2009!!!

December 3, 2008

Busy days require simple meals (green smoothies, salads and blended soups)

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I just want to quickly check in —

 I’m sure I’m not the only one with a hectic and busy December schedule! We have Holiday celebrations starting this weekend, so I’m trying to eat simple and find time for at least 20 minutes of exercise each day so I can start the new year off feeling great (and no regrets!).

My meals can pretty much be described by the title: smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and blended soups (warm, savory green smoothies really) for supper.

Monday —

  • I started by trying to make a warm green smoothie that resembled a chai latte or something, but it just didn’t work warm. So, there is evidence that sometimes even those of us that have been drinking green smoothies for awhile goof on a recipe. Luckily enough of it was drinkable that I still got some breakfast in because I did not have time to make anything else. It included grapes, kale, figs, and some spices.
  • For lunch on Monday I quickly did some raw chilli because I was craving it and last time when I had some extra I had dehydrated it. So I quickly blended it with warm water and put it in a coffee mug to drink.
  • A bit later I had the rest of my left over citrus salad (from Thanksgiving!) — it’s great because it’s yummy without any dressing at all — mixed greens, thinly sliced cucumbers, colored pepper (I used orange this time), thinly sliced orange segments, thinly sliced celery and pomegranate seeds (yum! — flavor and texture), and then the dressing is simply a mix of pomegranate juice, orange juice, and lime juice (all freshly squeezed/pressed using my favorite kitchen gadget — my pampered chef hand citrus juicer). This time I put the dressing on a couple of hours before eating it and I LOVED that the cucumbers soaked up all that yummy citrus juice and became just a little like refrigerator pickles! If you don’t want that to happen, then put the dressing on right before eating it. 🙂
  • I think I may have had a couple of dates in the afternoon, and I know I ate an apple. I remember it being a day that I seemed always hungry, and wondering why (I’m thinking it’s related to my menstrual cycles but more on that in another post someday).
  • For supper I had a yummy lemon soup that sadly didn’t agree with me. I’ve made it before and it was fine, so I don’t know if it was the addition of onions (didn’t use last time), or if the soaked almonds were no longer good (they had been soaking in the fridge for a few days). The recipe includes soaked almonds and water (I’m thinking you could just use almond or other nut milk as well), a zucchini or two depending on the size, juice of a lemon, a little salt, and a garlic clove. This time I added a bit of onion and ate it poured over finally chopped onion for texture. I also ate too much and should have saved half of it! That was WAY too many nuts for me any way I figure it, but I don’t remember raw soaked almonds disagreeing with me like that before (versus other nuts). So, I had embarrassing gas for the first time in a long time (hardly have it at all the way I’ve been eating in general), and some intestinal discomfort — nothing like before I started healing but still no fun! Luckily we had major errand/shopping to do so I wasn’t able to just sit there and instead was walking around much of the evening.

Tuesday —  after the episode Monday night I decided to keep it simple —

  • For breakfast , I truly kept it simply by throwing 3 bananas in the blender with a bit of water and a mix of kale and chard. Yum … sometimes simple, really is wonderful.
  • Before I left for work I threw mixed greens in a bowl and also toted along an avocado, lime, and orange pepper. I chopped the veggies (there is nothing easier to “chop” than an avocado!), and squeezed the lime juice all over it. Then I sprinkled just a little bit of sea salt that I keep at my desk along with tossing some crumbs from basic salted flax crackers that I make onto the salad. YUM! This was one of my salads that I can’t believe how good it is even though it’s so simple!
  • Supper was a simple soup of one large cucumber, a handful of parsly, a handful of cilantro, a small handful of baby spinach, a few mixed greens, a juiced lime, a bit of water, a 1/2 T. of coconut oil, and a little sea salt and pepper blended up until just a bit steamy and then poured over finely chopped red bell pepper. Yum!!! Again I made just a bit too much though — you would think that those things in salad form wouldn’t be quite so filing so I’m going to try to not add as much water next time.

    Today (Wednesday) I had a wonderful raspberry-banana smoothie because we had raspberries that needed to be eaten before they went bad. I wish I would have had time for photos — the smoothies was not green at all — nearly pink even. And there were 6 or 7 large chard leaves in there! Of course it was the rainbow chard complete with pink stems — so keep that in mind when you don’t want your smoothie too green. If you don’t like the raspberry seeds, try blending the berries with a bit of water for awhile first before making the rest of the smoothie.  Lunch today was a salad similar to yesterday’s but with tomato instead of orange pepper. I think I like the pepper better this time of year (not prime tomato time).

    And even with less sleep than I should be getting I feel really, really good! 🙂

October 31, 2008

Some Goals (Weight Loss)

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I mean goals other than feeling well — healthy, vibrant and all that. 🙂

Why wait for New Years?!?

I’ve been encouraged that even during this challenging week when I’ve done very little for exercise and have had a mini chocolate bar or two (mostly fair trade at least), that I’ve still dropped a little weight … and the Body Enlightenment System is just starting this Saturday so things should just get better and better!

So, I started thinking about what could happen if I kept losing weight a couple of pounds a week on average.

And I decided that if that happens, these would be reasonable goals:

  • By Christmas Vacation (December 17th is approximately when we leave) — be at 170 pounds or less
  • By Easter be at 145 pounds or less (April 12th; lent starts Feb. 25th)

Earlier this week I verified via medical records that according to the scale at the clinic I was at 220 in May 2008, so I’m going to use that as my “highest weight” even though I think it may have been a tad higher before that. So, according to that I’ve lost 30 pounds so far!

According my my medical records the weight was slowly starting to come off about the same time I slowly increased my percentage of raw food. Looking back I would guess that it was about August when I became about 95% raw, and started actually paying attention to it closely. I’ve also discovered that I feel the best with primarily fruits, vegetables and greens. This means I do eat some nuts and sprouted grains, but that isn’t my daily diet at this point.

If I meat my goals, I’ll have lost 50 pounds by Christmas and a total of 75 by Easter!!!

After that I think my goal will just be to increase my physical fitness and stay healthy. I think that will mean continueing to eat a high raw food diet, but I’m not sure what percentage that will be. I may include more cooked whole grains in my diet at some point, especially in the winter, but remain low/healthy-fat vegan (wild and brown rice, potatoes, etc. — macrobiotics or McDougal eating plan?),  and still eat a high percentage of raw foods including green smoothies daily. I can’t imagine going more than a short while without green smoothies at this point. 🙂

I’m also thinking very seriously about doing a juice/Green Smoothie fast during lent, but I’m not committing to specifics yet at this point. I do feel very strongly about doing something like this though. Having a juicer at my house before that would be a requirement though. 🙂

OK, now that this is out there in the public world, I just need to make some reminders around my house. 🙂

Looking at it this way sure makes those couple of pounds a week look good!

In Health and Happiness —

October 27, 2008

Saturday morning weigh in … and prep week for Body Enlightentment System (BES)

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OK, so as you’ll notice I don’t always POST on the same day the information is recorded. My goal is to have Saturday be my weigh in day, and then to post it as soon as possible after that. I may or may not weigh myself between Saturdays, but I won’t be posting it.

The weights and body fat percentages are from my home scale unless otherwise noted. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do any kind of before or after picture. I will likely do measurements when I get around to it. 🙂

Stats for Saturday October 25, 2008

  • Weight: 191.0
  • Body Fat %: 42.9

Well, now it’s out there for the whole world to see! (I’ve done scarier things though.)

And the exciting news is that this is the prep week for the BES. I’ve very excited about this as I could really use some encouragement and inspiration on this journey to wellness and releasing weight. I have certainly noticed that I feel better when I stick to eating simple fruits, vegetables, and GREENS! I think my body would love me if I lived on green smoothies … but old habits are hard to break.

My big accomplishment this week has been learning to not eat too much. Even with eating only salads, raw soups and smoothies, I was sometimes simply eating too much. So I’m practicing learning to eat simply until I’m not hungry anymore or have enjoyed a small portion of food rather than continueing to eat. For example, I usually would eat the entire blender full of soup that I made, but instead I now eat one bowl full and save the rest for later (sometimes I dehydrate it so I have a fast and easy meal when not at home). I then try to slow down and really enjoy my food. Sometimes this is difficult to do when eating with young kids or at the office, but I’m trying!

Have you checked out the new posts on the Green Smoothie blog? Yum!

October 24, 2008

Weight Loss as an Incentive, the Body Enlightenment System and why you should join me!

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First the important note —

You only have 24 hours left in order to take advantage of
the new weight loss version of the Body Enlightenment System
with Angela Stokes and The Raw Divas. This program is being
called, “The Healthiest Weight Loss Program on the Entire
Internet,” and for good reason!


The registrations for this 30 Day Raw Food Weight Loss
Program close on Saturday (October 25, 2008) at noon! This program is truly
transformational! Check out all the dozens of success
stories here:

Body Enlightenment System Details and Success Stories! (scroll down for success stories)

Who knows? Maybe your story will be next! 😉


Now, WHY, on a personal level, should you sign up for BES? Well, I want to say because I want as many people as possible to be totally transformed in how they look and feel. I want more healthy people in this world! I want to part of that energy and want you to be too.

I’ve been meaning to mention weight loss as an incentive for changing my/your eating, and will write more about in detail throughout the upcoming weeks. I started down the path of drinking green smoothies and eating a high raw food diet for health reasons — because I was sick of being sick and tired! BUT when the weight started slowly but steadily dropping off …. well the fact that all of my jeans are now falling off (must find time to shop!) couldn’t have come at a better time! I had kind of gotten used to feeling good and maintaining a clean diet didn’t seem quite so important so I would cheat more here and there. Add to that the fact that in general I have more energy so I could experiment with more complex “raw food” foods (desserts and richer meals made primarily in the dehydrator), and it was easy to stray from my simple and very effective diet of primarily raw fruits, veggies and greens … when I could no longer ignore the weight loss I decided it was time to embrace it! So I bought a scale, and plan to take my body measurements  — and then I plan to SHARE it here!!! 🙂

It’s obvious that not only do I feel better and have more energy when I stick to those fruit, veggies and greens, but I also loose weight faster. And while I’m not in a huge hurry, it sure is nice to just melt it off. And I realize the weight loss incentive may be just what I need to stick to a diet that is healthier for me in every way! I don’t know why as humans it is so hard for us to do something because it is good for us — to take pleasure in nourishing our bodies, but we rarely do. But weight loss, that is an easy incentive in our culture. But if you’re going to do it, do it right! Do it in a HEALTHY way that will also help you long term both in keeping the weight off and also being a healthier individual. 🙂

So, that’s where I’m at in regards to weight loss. Stay tuned to see what the scale and tape measure actually says. I’ve lost 25 pounds so far which is what give)s me the encouragement (and courage! to do this, but I have a LONG ways to go.

Also, I’ll be sharing a lot more intimate details of my BES journey on the Raw Diva BES forums, so if you join me you’ll be able to participate as well. I am SO looking forward to it as it’s exactly what I need right now (THANK YOU RAW DIVAS!).

To your health —


P.S. If you just can’t do the Body Enlightenment System right now, please look at what you can do to move to a healthy weight and a healthier lifestyle. After reading about the BES system, look around at what else the Raw Diva site has to offer. There are many free articles, and some FREE programs as well (I’ll certainly be talking more about The Truth About Your Food soon!).


October 23, 2008

100% Raw, Sick, Gluten Contamination, More Sick Days, Back to 100% Raw and more

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I have about a dozen posts to write about various things the past few weeks, but I want to get a brief outline out here first — something to document my own challenges.

First a side track — during the last few weeks I was busy posting and helping to coordinate the Green Smoothie blog, and I’m loving it. We’re also promoting the Body Enlightenment System (last day to sign up for this session is Friday October 25th!!!). Remember though that the Raw Diva’s have many, many resources, including many free or inexpensive ones, so check out their blogs and other resources.

Now that is one of the things I was doing when I was feeling well and not working or spending time with family, but there were also a lot of ups and downs with food and health. Going in reverse …

Just before starting this post I was thinking “ugh, why does my stomach feel so heavy NOW?” I made a mock Tuna recipe (Alissa Cohen’s book) which uses bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds (and pumpkin seeds for me since I didn’t have enough sunflower seeds), and almonds as well as the onion and celery found in just about any tuna recipe. And I also replaced the raw soy sauce it calls for with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I made this before and it not only tasted awesome, but I don’t remember feeling poorly (is it just a poor memory?), so what is up this time. I think I put more Bragg’s in it this time, and I think I’ve decided that Bragg’s just isn’t good for me personally. Or was it something else that I’m sensitive to? or did I just eat too much? Or is it combined with the fact that I ate a bit of dairy earlier in the day? Hmm … yes, this is the obsessive questioning I do. The trick is to do just enough of such questioning to actually figure out a bit about what my body needs and yet not go crazy. 🙂

Before supper though I felt AWESOME today. I realized at about 1 p.m. that I had only drank about half of my green smoothie that I brought with for lunch, and I was NOT hungry. I also realized that without even thinking about it I had been eating 100% raw, and almost entirely green smoothies (and soup) for 48 hours. And I was (re)energized and felt SO great. That was such a good feeling. So why exactly did I have to go and mess that up? These are the things that make me wonder at my own decisions … and yet it just is. It also makes me think that I really could just go on a green smoothie fast any time I wanted to guarantee feeling well. 🙂

Now, Monday night. That was misery night. 😦

To make it worse I had been sick with gluten contamination off and on for a few days. It  started with going out to lunch with Megan when she was off of school last Thursday and noticing some spices on my salad, and sure enough later that afternoon the bloating and general feeling of being unwell was there. Before I even recovered from that I decided to eat oats. They were gluten free oats but now I still wonder what I was thinking. To make it worse I combined them with chocolate (raw cocoa, but still), so I can’t be entirely sure that it’s the oats I’m sensitive to, but based on the reaction, I’m pretty sure it is the oats. 😦 I also ate a salad with LOTS of cesear dressing (gluten free high quality, but still bottled). Ugh, in a digestive system already dealing w/ gluten/grain reaction, this was not good (even with enzymes!). Oh, yes it briefly was yummy in my mouth, but in my tummy — not so much. I need to remember this. And stick to things I find yummy in my tummy as well. 🙂

So in summary, the last couple of days I felt on top of the world in contrast to Monday night when I could barely make it through a theatre performance Shawn and I went to. I kept thinking I felt like crawling under a rock and not coming out. I also realized I didn’t even feel as bad as I did on a REGULAR BASIS before starting to drink green smoothies and eat a diet high in raw foods!?!

I’m also wondering if it’s a coincidence that I was just plain old sick this weekend after my body was dealing with gluten. Granted there are viruses going around, but I just seem to not have those symptoms if I stay close to 100% raw. But Sunday I was totally out of it with cold/flu symptoms (aches, pains, congestion). Luckily it didn’t last long (thanks to green smoothies?). I also realized that during the past weeks it has only been when I have eaten something that disagrees with me (as noted above!) that I experience any of my typical allergy symptoms, even airborne allergy symptoms. I have NOT missed the insanely itchy eyes I get most years in the fall!

I, and my health, continues to evolve. Thanks for sharing the journey … lots more in depth topics hopefully appearing here soon.

September 18, 2008

Two smoothies AND two salads today…

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So, today we managed to get back to basics.

Breakfast was a quart of green smoothie: pinapple, banana, chia seeds, carrot greens (small handful), a celery stick, and just a few spinach leaves.

Snack was a Lara Bar and some kale chips (dehydrated kale with spices).

Lunch was a yummy avacado and tomato salad — I just sliced a ripe avacado and a juicy sweet orange tomato, drizzeled some olive oil on it, and added a bit of ground pepper and salt. Yum!

Snack was a (raw) chocolate, banana, and chia seed smoothie (shake?) that my daughter made for me after school. It was really yummy and even better since I didn’t have to make it.

Supper was a gigantic salad with an entire super-sized cucumber, two tomatoes, an avacado, a green pepper, and mixed greens with olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper as simple dressing.

Late night snack (because that salad wasn’t big enough ?!?) was a few fudge balls from a recipe from Alyssa Cohen’s cookbook. I can’t remember everything that is in them because I made them quite awhile ago and froze them. When I get a craving now I can grab them quick from the freezer. I think it’s dates, raw chocolate and cocoa nibs, nuts (?), and coconut oil.

This morning I had to rinse my blender out in the bathtub because we were without a kitchen faucet. Thankfully I was able to sit at the kitchen table and work and catch up on things while the plumber fixed it today! Last night I kind of freaked out when it wouldn’t shut off. The good news is that the now it is up to code as well. We must be thankful for these little things like finding out that it wasn’t up to code only when it is now fixed. 🙂

This morning I was thrilled to find out that the pumpkin patch we’ll be going to in a few weeks knows all about celiac and it will be easy to eat lunch and snacks and all kinds of bad-for-you treats there with Nessa. 🙂 I’ll be sure to post about it afterward.

Besides the ups and downs of life at the moment (sick kids, stressful work, and more), I feel good. In addition to the good food, I was able to go to yoga today AND go for a bike ride with Megan. I am very blessed.

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