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January 19, 2013

No honey in the house means it’s time to cut back on even natural sugars

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In the last few years my family has never gone long without honey, and usually lots of honey. This fall we bought a gallon of honey from the farmers market thinking it would see us through the winter. It’s mid-January and even with honey gifted from a family member now keeping bees we are out of honey.

To say we go through a lot of honey in this house seems to be an understatement. On the other side of that statement is the realization that we had gone to using honey almost exclusively as our sweetener of choice for baking. This means if I was doing a lot of baking for my family, we would go through a lot of honey.

But we also used it daily in tea, coffee and other goodies.

I think I need to use this time of not having honey in the house to just go with it and do a cleanse of all sweeteners, even natural ones for awhile. I’m not going to set a certain amount of time right now but just see how it goes.

Already I seem to notice the natural sweetness of foods coming out more and more, and that is a good thing. I will continue to take advantage of the sweetness found naturally in foods as I explore this time of not adding concentrated sweeteners to my food.

What have your experiences with honey and other sweeteners been?

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