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August 21, 2008

Another Rough Morning

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When mornings are no longer rough I will know I have made some real progress in my health. Now part of it at the moment is getting enough sleep plain and simple, but it’s all related. Throughout most of my life I have not been a morning person. Those that love me have learned to adjust to that, and by watching my daughters I’m pretty sure it’s at least partly genetic. But there’s a difference between loving to stay up late (I do), and hating mornings because I feel like I can barely function when I get up no matter when this is (I do not want to be this person any longer). There was a brief time in my early 20s when I woke up early when I didn’t even have to, and I loved my peaceful mornings. I would love my mornings to again resemble that in some fashion. This morning did not. This morning I had to remind myself that I no longer like coffee, and then I had to remind myself again. I even caught myself taking whiffs of the freshly-brewed coffee aroma coming from the break room at work.
Yesterday I successfully resisted water/theme park food, and that is a small triumph. Feeling good is so much more to me than the temporary taste of a burger and fries or pizza (that’s one I do miss though still at times). I spent the day at a large water and amusement park (WI Dells) with my daughter and her friend. We were there ALL day. It was what my daughter wanted to do for her birthday which was actually in July, but yesterday was the day we could schedule the event. I started the morning wtih over a quart of green smoothie goodness, and packed an assortment of fruit, veggies and nuts from my dwindling supply (we stock up on Fridays and this week it seemed to go faster than ususal). Since outside food isn’t permitted I left my cooler in the car so I didn’t have anything with me except water when I started to get hungry. This was at the same time we first walked by the food court. I hadn’t planned to go back to the car so early so I told myself that I would drink my entire bottle of water first and see how I felt 20 minutes later. It worked wonderfully, and I went back around 12:30 and ate a couple of bananas, an avacodo, a few nuts, and drank a container of a high quality, but bottled, whole juice. I was easily satisfied, but just be sure it would last I decided to go ahead and take another banana and a few nuts in with me in my bag. I ate the banana at 6 p.m. while waiting for the girls to finish up their last ride. I drank lots of water all day long, and didn’t need to eat anything else until I was home and had another avacodo and the one cup of leftover tomato and veggie soup from the day before. 🙂
The good news is that even with all the driving, all the walking (a lot!), the swimming and rides, an entire day in the sun and more — I still felt like I could function when I got home. I was tired, but just a normal tired. It wasn’t long ago that I simply could not have done this, and if I would have tried I would have been a totally brain-fogged blubbering blob of a human that should not have been allowed to speak let alone drive! And then I would have been down and out (i.e. in bed) for at least a couple of days. Last night I even had to stay up to watch women beach volleyball finals and check my email before crashing. And this morning was rough, but just normal rough really.
On to today…
After my long day at the water park yesterday I new I needed get my greens this morning — my breakfast green smoothie included: 5 beet green leaves and a handful of spinach along with several inches of celery, a couple of handfuls of frozen cherries and a banana. I’m really getting addicted to that sweet/sour taste of celery and cherries.
Lunch will likely happen in two parts if I’m lucky — another smaller smoothie at home and then a garden salad out when my daughter and I meet my sister for lunch.
And as usual this week I have no idea what supper will be. Any quick and easy supper ideas, especially those that kids will also eat, would be appreciated! 🙂

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