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November 1, 2008

November 1st: Saturday Morning Weigh In — with Measurements

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I decided to get this posted before having my green smoothie and getting busy for the day. Of course I’m not sure I can count the day as busy when it includes two hours of Restorative Yoga! Lucky me. πŸ™‚

We’re also being blessed with truly gorgeous weather. It is a last hurrah before winter comes to settle in I suppose, but I’ll take it. I’m hoping to walk, ride bike, and even rake leaves this weekend. Since there are still many leaves on the trees I’ll likely have to spend some time, likely in much cooler weather, doing it again in a couple of weeks as well. But after this weekend the bikes will be in storage so we can start parking the car in the garage and the van in the driveway as alternate side parking starts now! (The joys of living in a cold and snowy climate!) I’m looking forward to the day when the bikes are not impossible to get out on the unexpectedly warm days in the fall and spring, but alas that is not now.

OK, so in review of the week — it was prep week for the Body Enlightenment System program which officially starts today! In reality I didn’t do anything differently than I have other weeks, and actually ate a bit more cooked food than usual, including gluten and cheese free pizza while out with Nessa after our appointment at Mayo in Rochester (and, yes, it does still qualify as pizza). However, I also had my daily green smoothie, almost daily salads, and started paying more attention to only eating until I’m not hungry and slowly and completely enjoying my smaller portions. It will be good to eat less through the winter now that we have received our last CSA box for the season!

I didn’t really expect great things on the scale, but was pleased with the results this morning. πŸ™‚

Today my stats were:

  • Weight: 187.6
  • Body Fat 41.7%
    • Waist: 39
    • Chest: 41
    • Hips: 46
    • Right Thigh: 23.5
    • Left Thigh: 23.5
    • Right Arm: 13
    • Left Arm: 13.5
    • Belly 45.5

10/31 Inches: (Total = 245)

(All moms likely know what the Belly measurement is; it isn’t always included but it was important for me to include it; c/s moms especially know what this one is as reportedly after the fat is pushed up for closing during surgery the belly will never be the same…I don’t know but it would be nice to find out)

I probably won’t do measurements again until the end of the Body Enlightenment System program (so in about a month), but I will continue with weekly weigh ins as well as sharing other trials and challenges — and hopefully getting back to more pictures of FOOD — you know those yummy veggies. Believe me I’m as surprised as theΒ  next person about how much I rave over kale these days! Speaking of Kale, I need to go get some marinated for part of my last supper before the fast for the first day of the BES! I also need to make some Kale Chips! πŸ™‚

Here is a reference table I created to help me track things. πŸ™‚



Body Fat %

Inches Total

May 2008












Loss to Date:



October 27, 2008

Saturday morning weigh in … and prep week for Body Enlightentment System (BES)

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OK, so as you’ll notice I don’t always POST on the same day the information is recorded. My goal is to have Saturday be my weigh in day, and then to post it as soon as possible after that. I may or may not weigh myself between Saturdays, but I won’t be posting it.

The weights and body fat percentages are from my home scale unless otherwise noted. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do any kind of before or after picture. I will likely do measurements when I get around to it. πŸ™‚

Stats for Saturday October 25, 2008

  • Weight: 191.0
  • Body Fat %: 42.9

Well, now it’s out there for the whole world to see! (I’ve done scarier things though.)

And the exciting news is that this is the prep week for the BES. I’ve very excited about this as I could really use some encouragement and inspiration on this journey to wellness and releasing weight. I have certainly noticed that I feel better when I stick to eating simple fruits, vegetables, and GREENS! I think my body would love me if I lived on green smoothies … but old habits are hard to break.

My big accomplishment this week has been learning to not eat too much. Even with eating only salads, raw soups and smoothies, I was sometimes simply eating too much. So I’m practicing learning to eat simply until I’m not hungry anymore or have enjoyed a small portion of food rather than continueing to eat. For example, I usually would eat the entire blender full of soup that I made, but instead I now eat one bowl full and save the rest for later (sometimes I dehydrate it so I have a fast and easy meal when not at home). I then try to slow down and really enjoy my food. Sometimes this is difficult to do when eating with young kids or at the office, but I’m trying!

Have you checked out the new posts on the Green Smoothie blog? Yum!

October 24, 2008

Weight Loss as an Incentive, the Body Enlightenment System and why you should join me!

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First the important note —

You only have 24 hours left in order to take advantage of
the new weight loss version of the Body Enlightenment System
with Angela Stokes and The Raw Divas. This program is being
called, “The Healthiest Weight Loss Program on the Entire
Internet,” and for good reason!


The registrations for this 30 Day Raw Food Weight Loss
Program close on Saturday (October 25, 2008) at noon! This program is truly
transformational! Check out all the dozens of success
stories here:

Body Enlightenment System Details and Success Stories! (scroll down for success stories)

Who knows? Maybe your story will be next! πŸ˜‰


Now, WHY, on a personal level, should you sign up for BES? Well, I want to say because I want as many people as possible to be totally transformed in how they look and feel. I want more healthy people in this world! I want to part of that energy and want you to be too.

I’ve been meaning to mention weight loss as an incentive for changing my/your eating, and will write more about in detail throughout the upcoming weeks. I started down the path of drinking green smoothies and eating a high raw food diet for health reasons — because I was sick of being sick and tired! BUT when the weight started slowly but steadily dropping off …. well the fact that all of my jeans are now falling off (must find time to shop!) couldn’t have come at a better time! I had kind of gotten used to feeling good and maintaining a clean diet didn’t seem quite so important so I would cheat more here and there. Add to that the fact that in general I have more energy so I could experiment with more complex “raw food” foods (desserts and richer meals made primarily in the dehydrator), and it was easy to stray from my simple and very effective diet of primarily raw fruits, veggies and greens … when I could no longer ignore the weight loss I decided it was time to embrace it! So I bought a scale, and plan to take my body measurementsΒ  — and then I plan to SHARE it here!!! πŸ™‚

It’s obvious that not only do I feel better and have more energy when I stick to those fruit, veggies and greens, but I also loose weight faster. And while I’m not in a huge hurry, it sure is nice to just melt it off. And I realize the weight loss incentive may be just what I need to stick to a diet that is healthier for me in every way! I don’t know why as humans it is so hard for us to do something because it is good for us — to take pleasure in nourishing our bodies, but we rarely do. But weight loss, that is an easy incentive in our culture. But if you’re going to do it, do it right! Do it in a HEALTHY way that will also help you long term both in keeping the weight off and also being a healthier individual. πŸ™‚

So, that’s where I’m at in regards to weight loss. Stay tuned to see what the scale and tape measure actually says. I’ve lost 25 pounds so far which is what give)s me the encouragement (and courage! to do this, but I have a LONG ways to go.

Also, I’ll be sharing a lot more intimate details of my BES journey on the Raw Diva BES forums, so if you join me you’ll be able to participate as well. I am SO looking forward to it as it’s exactly what I need right now (THANK YOU RAW DIVAS!).

To your health —


P.S. If you just can’t do the Body Enlightenment System right now, please look at what you can do to move to a healthy weight and a healthier lifestyle. After reading about the BES system, look around at what else the Raw Diva site has to offer. There are many free articles, and some FREE programs as well (I’ll certainly be talking more about The Truth About Your Food soon!).


October 23, 2008

100% Raw, Sick, Gluten Contamination, More Sick Days, Back to 100% Raw and more

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I have about a dozen posts to write about various things the past few weeks, but I want to get a brief outline out here first — something to document my own challenges.

First a side track — during the last few weeks I was busy posting and helping to coordinate the Green Smoothie blog, and I’m loving it. We’re also promoting the Body Enlightenment System (last day to sign up for this session is Friday October 25th!!!). Remember though that the Raw Diva’s have many, many resources, including many free or inexpensive ones, so check out their blogs and other resources.

Now that is one of the things I was doing when I was feeling well and not working or spending time with family, but there were also a lot of ups and downs with food and health. Going in reverse …

Just before starting this post I was thinking “ugh, why does my stomach feel so heavy NOW?” I made a mock Tuna recipe (Alissa Cohen’s book) which uses bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds (and pumpkin seeds for me since I didn’t have enough sunflower seeds), and almonds as well as the onion and celery found in just about any tuna recipe. And I also replaced the raw soy sauce it calls for with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I made this before and it not only tasted awesome, but I don’t remember feeling poorly (is it just a poor memory?), so what is up this time. I think I put more Bragg’s in it this time, and I think I’ve decided that Bragg’s just isn’t good for me personally. Or was it something else that I’m sensitive to? or did I just eat too much? Or is it combined with the fact that I ate a bit of dairy earlier in the day? Hmm … yes, this is the obsessive questioning I do. The trick is to do just enough of such questioning to actually figure out a bit about what my body needs and yet not go crazy. πŸ™‚

Before supper though I felt AWESOME today. I realized at about 1 p.m. that I had only drank about half of my green smoothie that I brought with for lunch, and I was NOT hungry. I also realized that without even thinking about it I had been eating 100% raw, and almost entirely green smoothies (and soup) for 48 hours. And I was (re)energized and felt SO great. That was such a good feeling. So why exactly did I have to go and mess that up? These are the things that make me wonder at my own decisions … and yet it just is. It also makes me think that I really could just go on a green smoothie fast any time I wanted to guarantee feeling well. πŸ™‚

Now, Monday night. That was misery night. 😦

To make it worse I had been sick with gluten contamination off and on for a few days. ItΒ  started with going out to lunch with Megan when she was off of school last Thursday and noticing some spices on my salad, and sure enough later that afternoon the bloating and general feeling of being unwell was there. Before I even recovered from that I decided to eat oats. They were gluten free oats but now I still wonder what I was thinking. To make it worse I combined them with chocolate (raw cocoa, but still), so I can’t be entirely sure that it’s the oats I’m sensitive to, but based on the reaction, I’m pretty sure it is the oats. 😦 I also ate a salad with LOTS of cesear dressing (gluten free high quality, but still bottled). Ugh, in a digestive system already dealing w/ gluten/grain reaction, this was not good (even with enzymes!). Oh, yes it briefly was yummy in my mouth, but in my tummy — not so much. I need to remember this. And stick to things I find yummy in my tummy as well. πŸ™‚

So in summary, the last couple of days I felt on top of the world in contrast to Monday night when I could barely make it through a theatre performance Shawn and I went to. I kept thinking I felt like crawling under a rock and not coming out. I also realized I didn’t even feel as bad as I did on a REGULAR BASIS before starting to drink green smoothies and eat a diet high in raw foods!?!

I’m also wondering if it’s a coincidence that I was just plain old sick this weekend after my body was dealing with gluten. Granted there are viruses going around, but I just seem to not have those symptoms if I stay close to 100% raw. But Sunday I was totally out of it with cold/flu symptoms (aches, pains, congestion). Luckily it didn’t last long (thanks to green smoothies?). I also realized that during the past weeks it has only been when I have eaten something that disagrees with me (as noted above!) that I experience any of my typical allergy symptoms, even airborne allergy symptoms. I have NOT missed the insanely itchy eyes I get most years in the fall!

I, and my health, continues to evolve. Thanks for sharing the journey … lots more in depth topics hopefully appearing here soon.

October 5, 2008

Kale and nuts and pears, oh my

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OK, so the sing-song title is a bit much, but this unique salad was really yummy and a nice change of pace. I was inspired by a recipe our CSA shared in their newsletter, so I created a pear and kale salad of my own.

  • 1 bunch kale
  • enough lemon juice and olive oil to coat the kale
  • sprinkle of course salt and pepper
  • one pear sliced thin
  • chopped walnuts, 1/4 to 1/2 cup

Coat the kale with lemon juice and olive oil and let it set for about 10 minutes, or while cutting the pear and nuts. Mix all ingredients together. Best if flavors have a bit of time to mix together so make it early if possible. I do like it fresh and not refrigerated though so I just make it before making soup or any other parts of the meal.


Supper tonight was this wonderful salad, some additional green salad, and some “cheese” soup (cauliflower with sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, flax seeds, onion, parsley, and a few otehr greens along with some nutritional yeast). I was hungry … but I ate too much. I was more than full afterwards … I need to learn to make and eat less soup when I try to do soup and salad. Lunch was a yummy tomato/pepper soup (a red pepper, a few sun dried tomatos, onion, flax seeds, and carrots). Breakfast though was a gluten free blueberry muffin mostly because it was there along with some tea. So, I’m glad I ended the day well. I had two green smoothies yesterday though. πŸ˜‰

September 26, 2008

Mom, does this have greens in it?

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Megan in the way to school: “Mom, does this have greens in it? Because it doesn’t taste like it does. And it tastes like raspberries and banana, but I don’t feel the seeds. Usually I have to put the straw back farther in my mouth when I try to drink a raspberry green smoothie, or even a regular raspberry smoothie.”
Me smiling: Yes, it has greens in it, but not enough to cover the red of the raspberries or take over the flavor. (What I didn’t tell her: Kale and beet greens to be exact, and the beet greens had some red in the stems which I’m sure helped a great deal. And there was also my now usual 3 T. of chia seed meal as well. Score!) The raspberries were frozen maybe they blend better that way, plus I blended it longer than usual because I added that second banana after tasting it.
Megan has become so picky (age 11) that being able to get her to drink 12 oz of green smoothie on the way to school is a huge accomplishment. I was smiling for awhile!
I hope I can repeat it for her and her sister this weekend!

September 25, 2008

Simple Banana Green Smoothie

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Sometimes simplicity is best ….
The other morning all we had left for fruit for a morning green smoothie was bananas. I kind of turned up my face thinking I should have gotten something else last night. I also though, it might be a long winter of frozen fruit with this attitude. I figured I could try using more raw chocolate or nut milks in my smoothies if I needed to, but I was going to give just the bananas a try.
I used 2 regular, very ripe, bananas and one frozen banana along with my now routine 3 T. of chia seeds. I held back a bit on the greens and only used maybe four leaves of chard. And then I blended. I was running late so I just quickly poured into into my large quart to go cup and ran out of the house.
On the way I took a sip … YUM!!!
It was the smoothest and creamiest smoothie I had had in a LONG time. So yummy. It was actually almost too sweet for me, and I was wishing I had put in more greens! So the next day I did!
Today I added blueberries for some variety, but I think I like the all banana one better! πŸ™‚

September 21, 2008

Soup, soup, and more soup!

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Originally uploaded by Tami of BrooksGroth

Lots of pics of the many soups (and ingredients) on my flicker site … eventually I’ll try to organize them with more labels, but if you have any questions about any of them, please ask.

I was addicted to tomato soup the last few weeks! it started with a simple beet, carrot, tomato and beet (w/ ground pepper) recipe and gradually turned into a variety of my own creations based on mood and ingredients in my kitchen. πŸ™‚

When I want a sweeter soup, I use some dates and less spices. If I want it more salty, I add some celery. If I want a more complex flavor (and color!) I’m sure to add beets. And to make it thick without avocado or nuts, I use flax seeds. I get wonderfully rich thick soups without using anything but the flax and veggies. I’ve also added some spinach when I think I need more greens, and it still tastes like yummy fresh (RAW!) tomato soup.

And it’s so fun to watch how the colors change as I blend the soups. Sometimes I think it will be one color, and then more blending turns it more orange ,or red, or green. I’ve had lots of tomato soup that is not even close to being red. πŸ™‚ But it’s always yummy.

Oh, and it’s hot too … as in steaming hot, but not too hot to eat. I always use hot water and at least two blending cycles (usually “whole juice” and then “soup” on the blendtec).

Here’s one basic recipe:
–2 tomatoes
–1 large or 2 small carrots
–1 beet
–2 or 3 T. flax seeds
–Ground black pepper to taste

Then, eat it as a thick yummy soup without texture or add chopped veggies for texture. In this photo, I cut up an avocado and poured the soup on top of it.

If this is all I eat for supper, then I eat the entire recipe. If I share with my husband or kids, then I have a salad or something else too. But one recipe of this is very filling and certainly helps gets those veggies in.

Enjoy —

September 18, 2008

Two smoothies AND two salads today…

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So, today we managed to get back to basics.

Breakfast was a quart of green smoothie: pinapple, banana, chia seeds, carrot greens (small handful), a celery stick, and just a few spinach leaves.

Snack was a Lara Bar and some kale chips (dehydrated kale with spices).

Lunch was a yummy avacado and tomato salad — I just sliced a ripe avacado and a juicy sweet orange tomato, drizzeled some olive oil on it, and added a bit of ground pepper and salt. Yum!

Snack was a (raw) chocolate, banana, and chia seed smoothie (shake?) that my daughter made for me after school. It was really yummy and even better since I didn’t have to make it.

Supper was a gigantic salad with an entire super-sized cucumber, two tomatoes, an avacado, a green pepper, and mixed greens with olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper as simple dressing.

Late night snack (because that salad wasn’t big enough ?!?) was a few fudge balls from a recipe from Alyssa Cohen’s cookbook. I can’t remember everything that is in them because I made them quite awhile ago and froze them. When I get a craving now I can grab them quick from the freezer. I think it’s dates, raw chocolate and cocoa nibs, nuts (?), and coconut oil.

This morning I had to rinse my blender out in the bathtub because we were without a kitchen faucet. Thankfully I was able to sit at the kitchen table and work and catch up on things while the plumber fixed it today! Last night I kind of freaked out when it wouldn’t shut off. The good news is that the now it is up to code as well. We must be thankful for these little things like finding out that it wasn’t up to code only when it is now fixed. πŸ™‚

This morning I was thrilled to find out that the pumpkin patch we’ll be going to in a few weeks knows all about celiac and it will be easy to eat lunch and snacks and all kinds of bad-for-you treats there with Nessa. πŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to post about it afterward.

Besides the ups and downs of life at the moment (sick kids, stressful work, and more), I feel good. In addition to the good food, I was able to go to yoga today AND go for a bike ride with Megan. I am very blessed.

September 15, 2008

Back to basics… smoothies, salads, and soups … and dealing with hunger

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It has been a busy week complete with LOTS of challenges (thought I might be getting addicted to raw cacoa). After a nice weekend away where I managed to stay, mostly, but not all, on a raw vegan diet (had some dairy), I came back and decided it was time to get back to basics. Besides dehydrating in order to save vegetables for winter, I’m going to stick to eating fresh and simple as much as possible. I’m also going to be enjoying the standbys of my early adaption of this healing diet.

Today’s Breakfast was over a quart of green smoothie: bananas (frozen), raspberries (frozen), and lots of kale.

Today’s lunch was salads — two of them since I originally planned to go home, but then decided to order the “free lunch” with co-workers. I enjoyed my summer squash salad (zucchini, summer squash, greens, olives, and some cheeses), but it wasn’t very large and I was still hungry. I went out and got a hummus “salad” (I begged them to turn a wrap into a salad at a place that usually doesn’t do salads).

I was still STARVING by late afternoon. This is very unusual as I’ve rarely been hungry since going on a raw food diet. It makes me wonder if I accidentally got some gluten as doing so seems to mess up my (and, as observed, my daughter’s) appetite control/feelings. I don’t know when/how though, but that is the way it is with a small exposure. My other thought is that it could just be a reaction to something else (the dairy? withdrawal from the chocolate?) I also had a couple of cups of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate within the last few days. This is very unusual for me. I didn’t seem to notice any immediate symptoms after having the coffee which I used to in the past, so I thought maybe now I could handle an occasional cup of coffee. However, it’s still not a healthy choice really for me.

Supper was soup (or hot blended salad?) — I’ve decided to add greens to one of my new favorite soups, and it’s just as good. My favorite includes a beet as well as carrots and tomatoes, but I’m out of beets right now, so it was just carrots, tomatoes, garlic, a little parsley, some basil, and a handful of spinach, and some black pepper along with Agar agar, flax seeds, and chia seeds to add Omega 3s and thicken the soup. the soup was VERY thick this time and yummy too. The color wasn’t quite as nice as previous soups, I’ve made, but it was still warming and yummy. Then I did eat some gluten free/dairy free french bread that my daughter didn’t finish. It was really good with the soup. I’m trying to decide if I need to stop eating anything like that at all for awhile or not. If I’m feeling generally well and energetic then I start to think it’s OK, but really I haven’t managed to stay feeling that way for more than a couple of days (although still generally WAY less tired than before the dietary changes), and I wonder if it’s part of why my energy levels keep fluctuating. I’m going to have to simply experiment with it I guess. I am really looking forward to the Body Enlightenment program by the Raw Divas to help with this, and plan to do the 7 day detox soon as well. I also need to spend some time in the online forums to ask others these questions and get more feedback. πŸ™‚

Tonight I feel starved again wile my tummy at the same time feels bloated (screams gluten to me … which just now makes me wonder if one of the salads I ate for lunch was contaminated?). I think the first thing I’ll do is decide to only eat food from home for the next week so I know I have total control over it (Gluten, etc.). And as I said, I’ll try to stick to basics as much as I can …

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